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International Retirement Fund

The International Retirement Fund (IRF) solution is suited to mass affluent clients that are looking to contribute and invest wealth for retirement. It is suitable for returning Australians, foreign nationals moving to Australia or those emigrating to Australia under the SIV. The fund holds a single international investment account to provide for your future and benefit from the foreign superannuation fund regime.

It can be a stepping stone for those that are intending on moving to Australia in the medium term and looking to commence planning now with future top up. It can be converted to a multi-asset fund seamlessly as the circumstances require.

What can the Single Asset Fund hold?

Investment Accounts or Portfolios

Insurance Policies

Online Trading Account

Brokerage Account

Note: Private use residential property in Australia and personal use assets cannot be held under your foreign superannuation fund.

International Retirement Fund Trust Locations:


The International Retirement Fund is a flexible and efficient planning tool to meet long term needs on which Northland Group representatives are happy to discuss with you and your advisors your circumstances to evaluate whether this might be the right next step for you and your family.