Most Promising New Entrant 2021 – WealthBriefingsAsia Award

Northland Group are delighted to announce that we have won the ‘Most Promising New Entrant – Southeast Asia’ at the ninth annual WealthBriefingAsia awards.  To be recognised alongside such global brands as BNP Paribas, UBS, HSBC and Bank Julius Baer by the panel of expert judges speaks to the solution and service that Northland Group has developed to support our clients into the future.

This award recognises the expansion of Northland Group into Singapore and the Asia Pacific and our new product offering. Congratulations to the entire team on your hard work and success. We are humbled and proud to receive this recognition and thank all our staff, clients and business partners for their trust and support over the last year.

We are very proud to have won this award and recognise its significance particularly in these challenging times and we look forward to continuing to provide foreign superannuation solutions for our clients in the future.

Award announcement

"We are deeply honoured at Northland Group to have received the prestigious Most Promising New Entrant – South East Asia 2021 award from WealthBriefingAsia and the judging team. WealthBriefingAsia have raised the bar each year and we are honoured to be recognised alongside the highest calibre of regional and international companies. This award is a welcome validation of the hard work done by our growing team in driving Northland Group forward into South East Asia, during this growth period. Lastly, I would like to thank our highly valued clients without which none of this would be possible."
Nicholas Boyd
CEO, Northland Group

How to Prepare as an Expat Moving to Australia.

Are you an expat moving to Australia to retire, work or live?


Living as an expat overseas gives individuals the opportunity to fast-track career aspirations and start a new adventure in a foreign country. However, for many expats, there comes a time when moving home or starting a new journey in Australia comes calling. The reality is as an expat moving to Australia there are some essential financial planning that must happen before making the move.

Be organised

What the past year has shown us is that things can change at the drop of a hat. Forward planning should be a top consideration when deciding to move to Australia to benefit the most from your worldwide assets that you have accumulated overseas. It is vital to begin planning as soon as possible to avoid unfavourable tax rates. Consulting with your financial advisor and researching can help save you in the long run.

Superannuation considerations

Having lived and worked overseas you will likely have accumulated superannuation in that country. However, this structure is different from the Australian system which often creates challenges for those moving to Australia to efficiently benefit from their hard earned assets. Without a foreign superannuation plan that meets the requirements of the Australian Tax Office (ATO), your overseas superannuation can be taxed at a high rate upon entry to Australia. As with any retirement planning, it is vital to think about tax implications and age restrictions from the outset.

On return

Before moving to Australia, it is vital that you seek advice 6-12 months prior to relocation regardless of whether you are a resident or not. Proper preparation allows for selling off assets and other considerations such as bonuses and exchange rates. Once you have taken all these considerations into account you are ready to come home or begin your new journey in Australia. Find out more about how a foreign superannuation plan can benefit you in your move to Australia.